Full Set of Services to Run a Virtual Summits & Conferences

Create Online Event

Our team work very closely with you to map your conventional event into an online event or create a brand new online event.

Brand Online Event

We collect all required information like your domain name, logo, brand colours etc to fully brand online event to reflect your brand.

Collect Informations from Speakers

We collect information from your nominated speakers/presenters using our workflow platform onwodoc.com.

Create Event Talks

Based on information collected from the speaker, all online talks are created in our online summit platform.

Schedule Event Talks

All talks are scheduled by date and time as per the event schedule. Email notifications are sent to speakers/presenters about the schedule of their talk. Every Speaker is provided with its own dedicated dashboard to manage and promote his talk.

Mention Event Sponsors

The sponsored is given projection as per their contribution. There is a possibility for sponsors to sponsor the whole online event or a particular talk or category. For larger online Expos, the sponsors can be given an online booth to present their products and services to the event attendees. 

Create Free or Paid Entry Tickets

As per nature of the event, free entry pass or paid tickets are created for online registrations.

Create Event Website Site

A fully functional event website is created, from where attendees get 1st information about the event, the talks, the speakers and the sponsors. They can also register for the whole event or to specific talk of their choice. 

Create Mailer Notifications

Fully automated mail is setup with customizable periodic email notifications. The frequency of notification can be customized by the subscribers as well.

Integrate Webinar Provider

Scenario 1:

If the online event consists of pre-recorded talks, then our event platform can handle the talks without any need for additional webinar providers.

Scenario 2:

If you are looking to run Live webinars during your Conference, then you will need to choose one Webinar Providers like Zoom, Bigmaker, etc. Alternatively, our team can provide our Managed Webinar Service through onvimeet.com 

Create Social Media Assets

We provide system-generated social media assets of the event marketing for your marketing team.

Create Replays of Recorded Talks

A replay is created for the recorded talks within 24 hours of the live event. The attendees can watch talk replays from the event website. The attendees who missed the live session can watch replay. The event replays remain available to watch for free or paid for an agreed period of time.

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