Taught by Best Selling Author Sean Thompson — Start Honing Your Digital Design Skills with 5 Hours of Content on Animation, Editing, Adding Sound Effects, & More

5 Courses, 94 Lessons

This Course Includes:

1. Develop Your Digital Creativity:

Learn How Pros Do Artworks, Animations, or Even Books on Mac:

With 10 lectures, this class will help you develop digitally creative skills and get a taste of how the pros do it.

2. Launch to Best Seller in Your First Week:

Your 1-Hour Bootcamp to Publish Your First Book:

This course will help you write a "sellable" copy, promote via Facebook and LinkedIn, publishing, and more.

3. Animation with Sound Effects:

Create Digital Art in Apple's Keynote:

You will be making backgrounds, animate stories, create original images, and more.

4. Make Yourself an Animated Superhero:

Take Your Animation Skills to the Next Level by Creating Your Own Hero Character:

This class will cover Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, and more. Start animating, editing, and adding effects now.

5. Create Artistic Wellness Bubbles:

Animated Short Videos Using Google Drawings or Keynote:

In this course, you'll be creating visual stories of your life as vector graphics using Google Drawings or Apple's Keynote. Create full-blown animated stories with soundtracks and narrations.

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