Guarantee Efficient Task & Project Delivery for Any Organization or Business with 11 Hours of Content on Scrum, Agile, and Kanban

What's Included

1. Scrum Certification Prep + Scrum Master+ Agile Scrum Training

Add Agile & Scrum to Your Project Management Toolbox and Handle Complex Work with Ease

Delve into Agile Scrum, a simple method for managing and completing even the most complex projects. Whether you are a Scrum master, product owner, team member, business stakeholder, or simply someone who wants to understand what makes Scrum tick, this is the place to start.

2. Agile Project Management: Scrum Step-by-Step with Examples

Get Familiar with One of Today's Leading Project Management Methodologies

It's one of the best and most popular ways to deliver projects on time while maintaining a high degree of quality. Each section of this course features an overview of a particular aspect of Scrum, filled with real-world examples to help you gain a firm grasp of each concept.

3. Product Management: Agile Requirements Using Product Backlog

Manage Requirements as a Scrum Product Owner Using User Stories

Agile is an iterative time-boxed software development approach that focuses on building software incrementally from the beginning of a project rather than delivering it all at once at the end. Scrum is a very popular framework for implementing agile project management. Both of these frameworks will be discussed in this class. If you want to understand what Scrum is and how it will benefit your projects, this is the right course for you.

4. Kanban: Productivity & Efficiency For Agile Lean Project

Reduce Bottlenecks, Visualize Workflow with the Kanban Board

Kanban is a method for just in time delivery of tasks (such as product services, support, and maintenance) without overloading our workforce. This course will provide you with comprehensive Agile Kanban training. With 45 lectures, you'll be able to master Kanban and use it in the business workplace.

5. Scrum Master Training: Case Studies & Confessions

Hands-On Guide to Delivering Projects on Time with 14 Lectures & 7 Scrum Project Case Studies

Analyze specific case studies and learn from the instructor's hands-on experience how best to deliver projects on time and under budget using Agile Scrum practices.

6. Scrum Advanced: Software Development & Program Management

Manage & Complete Even the Most Complex Project for Your Team with Advanced Scrum Skills, Techniques, and Methods

This 1-hour course is designed to save you hundreds if not, thousands of dollars on advanced Scrum training. Each section features an overview of a particular aspect of advanced scrum techniques such as its origin and how it progresses to more advanced methods such as how to run multiple scrum teams, how to explain, coach, and influence others to use scrum, and how to become a scrum master in 7 simple steps.

7. User Stories for Agile Scrum+Product Owner+Business Analysis

Discover the Benefits of Writing & Analyzing Use Stories

A User Story is the description of a product feature or requirement from a user’s perspective. It can be the simplest way to determine requirements for adding value to business projects and to deliver early returns on investment. You can stand to benefit from this course.

8. Agile Retrospective: Continuous Improvement+Kaizen with Scrum

Learn About the Self-Improving Qualities of the Sprint Retrospective

It's is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next sprint. Regardless of your level of Scrum, it's important to understand the value and execution of a sprint retrospective, which will be examined here.

9. Project Management: Deliver on Time + Scrum Project Delivery

Save Time & Money By Learning How to Leverage Scrum Project Management

You'll cover project management techniques essential to delivering projects efficiently and get familiar with the Agile Scrum methodology, one of today's most important in the business world from this course.

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